Coffee!! Yeah!!

Well, sorry for not posting anything these couple of days but I was really busy! But today I went to the beach and I enjoyed a cold coffee! So, I desided to write about coffee, pros and cons of course!

Because of April Fool's day, I have to declare that everything I am about to write is the truth and nothing but the truth!!
I 'll make it quick, I don't want to tire you! Sooooooooooo!

Pros------> antioxidants (I have already told you about these!!), parkinson's disease? No, thanks!, diabetes type 2? No, thanks (drinking coffee without sugar of course!), liver cirrhosis? No, thanks!, gallstones? Nooo!, kidney stones? Noooo!, increase information processing!, Alzheimers? Nooooo!, Asthma? Noooooo!

Cons-----> Dependence! (We all know that, but we like it), dehydration (we have to pee a lot!), lack of sleep, osteoporosis (coffee loves calcium :(, but you may drink a cup of milk two hours before or after your cup of coffee), blood pressure,  cholesterol.

I must add that the pros and cons are under certain circumstances. More than 4 cups per day for the cons and less than 3 cups per day for pros :) Remember our first principle! Amount counts!

Enjoy the rest of your day and have fun!!


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