Mayo yammy!

Hey guys! Today will talk about Mayonnaise! Who doesn't love mayo!! Gives taste to our burgers, salads and to be honest I can eat with every single type of food!! It's tasty! Let's see if we are ok when we eat it in a regular basis or we are just being foolish!

First of all, I'll tell you for the mayonnaise which we buy from the super market and not for the homemade. Mayonnaise has 4 types! Bet you'd never noticed that! It's the regular, reduced fat, light and fat free. The most common ones are the regular and the light! Let's check out their nutrition facts! Regular mayo: 1ts contains--> 57 kcal, 4,9g fat, 3,5g carbs and 0,13g protein. Light mayo: 1ts contains--> 49kcal, 4,9g fat, 1,23g carbs and 0,13g protein. As you may see their differences aren't that obvious! Little less calories and carbs.

Many manufactorers use olive oil and others vegetable oil! You can check the ingredients label for that. The better choice is the one with olive oil which might reduce your cardiovascular disease risk and or high cholesterol.

But let's face the truth..  Too many fat and carbs. The best thing you can do is to choose a homemade! Ask your mother, grandmother or you can try it for yourself (you never know!). It's common sence that the things we make with our own hands are better than a huge machine! You can choose the eggs and no preservatives! A little secret when you start making it, keep your bowl warm (not hot) and your mayo will become more fluffy!


Let's talk about red hot chili peppers! Not the band!

Oh! I love chili but my stomach hates it! If you have a strong and healthy stomach you belong to the lucky people that can enjoy hot peppers! And it's not just for pleasure but for your health too!

The most important thing you must know for chili peppers is that contain double Vitamine C amount than an orange! Not just that! It's good for your immune system and your blood! The benefits of this vegetable are huge! Fight: headaches, cancer, high blood pressure, burn fat, lose weight, protect your heart! That's a lot of stuff!

And I have a tip for you all! When you feel your mouth in flames don't drink water or soda!! The only way to fight the hot chili is milk!! Yes! That's right! Milk!! And you will feel like a firefighter came into your mouth!! And an important message to the cook! Don't rub your eyes after you have cut the peppers! You are going to hurt!!! Wash your hands and then spread milk or yogurt on!

Enjoy and have fun!! This is a web site in which you can find everything about peppers! And I mean everything!


Laughter make us slimmer!

Hello people!! Missed you! Today I have interesting stuff to share with you! I will provide you an easy, effortless way to loose weight! Yes, that's right! There is a pleasant way! And this way is laughter!!

I know that many of you are stressed or miserable because of the crisis and all kinds of shit but don't worry, laughing doesn't make you look like a jerk! On the contrary, makes you look like an optimistic and generous type of guy who loses 50 calories !

Let's get serious! The things I tell you were a published study by Venderbilt University. Despite the calorie matter, other things got my attention! The health benefits that we gain while we're having fun! Those things are: immune system, natural pain relief, good for the heart and stress reduction!! How about that? Our humour can save our lives!! So laugh and unfollow some calories (for twitter funs!). 10 - 15 minutes per day will do for saying goodbye to 50 calories!

Be safe and healthy!