May the food force be with you!

Hi guys! I was searching the web for new ideas and I discovered this amazing article: http://www.divinecaroline.com/life-etc/home-food/may-food-force-be-you-star-wars-inspired-dishes?page=1
It's all about star wars-inspired dishes! I don't know about you, but if you've never watched the star wars movies, it's about time to do so! It will make you love the rebels and fall in love with Harrison Ford's smile! It's a boy's thing, but this blog loves the nerds!
I reccomend the "Yoda pizza", it's the healthier choice with green peppers and olives, just stay away from the "cheddar R2-D2" (it's cholesterol could kill you!). Try Han Solo's mango!
This kind of cooking is art!
Enjoy, have fun and always remember: There is nothing wrong with being a nerd!

Love you all!



Roland Garros! The banana thing!!

Roland Garros is here! The next post is dedicated to all tennis fans around the world! Let's gossip about Nadal and Federer! But in a different way! As you know, nutrition is my thing... and as you may have noticed tennis players are really really fit! When you watch a really tough final that might last 3 to 4 hours, the players are really reaching to the point of exhaustion. And now here comes my point of view. As you might have noticed, all players have a habit of eating bananas, just a few bites, every time they have a chance!

Soooo, we'll talk about banana!!  You will be astonished by its abilities!

1. Banana protects you from high blood pressure, stroke and atherosclerosis. And why is that? Because it has a good amount of potassium! And that's why it also protects your cardiovascular system!
2. Who could have guessed that banana can protect your bones too!! It contains a thing called fructooligosaccharide which helps your body absorb calcium. How cool is that?
3. The third ability comes with our cool tennis players! Banana is used as an energy supplying electrolyte! It contains a bunch of difficult named stuff, such as norepinephrine which help us fight depression, mood swings, sleeplessness and irritability because of the vitamine 6!
4. Helps our vision! In fact, Africa uses it to treat cataracts!

Banana works as a super hero actually! It also helps you with:
Digestion,  heartburn, ulcers and prevents constipation!

And something equally important! Never forget, if you are lucky enough to be there, next to Nadal, don't be shy... run and grab his banana peels! You can use them as an amazing fertilizer to roses and not to voodoo him in order to fall in love with you!!

That was it guys! Have fun and be happy!
Special hugs to Australia!! Till next time!




Mayo yammy!

Hey guys! Today will talk about Mayonnaise! Who doesn't love mayo!! Gives taste to our burgers, salads and to be honest I can eat with every single type of food!! It's tasty! Let's see if we are ok when we eat it in a regular basis or we are just being foolish!

First of all, I'll tell you for the mayonnaise which we buy from the super market and not for the homemade. Mayonnaise has 4 types! Bet you'd never noticed that! It's the regular, reduced fat, light and fat free. The most common ones are the regular and the light! Let's check out their nutrition facts! Regular mayo: 1ts contains--> 57 kcal, 4,9g fat, 3,5g carbs and 0,13g protein. Light mayo: 1ts contains--> 49kcal, 4,9g fat, 1,23g carbs and 0,13g protein. As you may see their differences aren't that obvious! Little less calories and carbs.

Many manufactorers use olive oil and others vegetable oil! You can check the ingredients label for that. The better choice is the one with olive oil which might reduce your cardiovascular disease risk and or high cholesterol.

But let's face the truth..  Too many fat and carbs. The best thing you can do is to choose a homemade! Ask your mother, grandmother or you can try it for yourself (you never know!). It's common sence that the things we make with our own hands are better than a huge machine! You can choose the eggs and no preservatives! A little secret when you start making it, keep your bowl warm (not hot) and your mayo will become more fluffy!


Let's talk about red hot chili peppers! Not the band!

Oh! I love chili but my stomach hates it! If you have a strong and healthy stomach you belong to the lucky people that can enjoy hot peppers! And it's not just for pleasure but for your health too!

The most important thing you must know for chili peppers is that contain double Vitamine C amount than an orange! Not just that! It's good for your immune system and your blood! The benefits of this vegetable are huge! Fight: headaches, cancer, high blood pressure, burn fat, lose weight, protect your heart! That's a lot of stuff!

And I have a tip for you all! When you feel your mouth in flames don't drink water or soda!! The only way to fight the hot chili is milk!! Yes! That's right! Milk!! And you will feel like a firefighter came into your mouth!! And an important message to the cook! Don't rub your eyes after you have cut the peppers! You are going to hurt!!! Wash your hands and then spread milk or yogurt on!

Enjoy and have fun!! This is a web site in which you can find everything about peppers! And I mean everything!


Laughter make us slimmer!

Hello people!! Missed you! Today I have interesting stuff to share with you! I will provide you an easy, effortless way to loose weight! Yes, that's right! There is a pleasant way! And this way is laughter!!

I know that many of you are stressed or miserable because of the crisis and all kinds of shit but don't worry, laughing doesn't make you look like a jerk! On the contrary, makes you look like an optimistic and generous type of guy who loses 50 calories !

Let's get serious! The things I tell you were a published study by Venderbilt University. Despite the calorie matter, other things got my attention! The health benefits that we gain while we're having fun! Those things are: immune system, natural pain relief, good for the heart and stress reduction!! How about that? Our humour can save our lives!! So laugh and unfollow some calories (for twitter funs!). 10 - 15 minutes per day will do for saying goodbye to 50 calories!

Be safe and healthy!




Top 9 Deadliest Foods! You won't believe it!

Today I had this crazy idea! To scare you!! Boo! Haha! Not like that of course.. but even worse! I'm going to tell you the top 9 Deadliest Food according to HealthMad. It is the list in which I agree 100%!
Let's start counting!
9. Grilled or roasted Foods! Surprised?? What if I told you that eating a steak that came from your own barbeque could cause you gastric cancer or it was equivalent to the toxin of as much as 60 cigarettes?? I'm pretty sure that your first thought would be "You are a crazy bitch!! Get out of my house!!" Well, I'm not that crazy! When Triphenyl Sibing Topiramate (a carcinogenetic substance that we find in a high proportion in this type of food) comes to contact with the gastric mucosa, the possibility of getting gastric cancer is very high!
8. Frozen Dessert Products! I think you know that! Come on!! Obesity and diabetes is the more likely thing that will happen to you in case you put them in your dining table for the proper meal!
7. Junk food! That really heart! Who doesn't love junk food?? In my opinion, we all know and we all eat it! Hypertantion is the one of the things we can win over this!
6. Canned foods! Because of the aluminium many nutritional value is destroyed. In high proportion could cause Altzheimer's.
5. Instant foods! Simple, prolong intake may cause cancer, hypertantion, obesity etc. So no little packages in your kitchen!
4. Soft drinks! I was so miserable when I learned about it at school! Love soft drinks! I can't enjoy my food without it! Half of my joy went away! Sacrifices! This is big! Soft drinks contain phosphate, carbonate and these 2 evil things steal our calcium from our bones!
3. Processed Meat! Kidney problems!
2. Deep-fried foods! Impair memory, nerve and brain cells, depression. We find these chemicals into potato chips as well!
1. Pickled foods! I must say that I wasn't upset when I found about this! I hate pickled food! Cancer and harms your stomach! Microbes during the food process.
And for those that you 'll say "Just because this crazy stupid girl in a random blog says it so, it doesn't mean it's true! Well, people here is my source http://healthmad.com/nutrition/top-10-deadliest-foods/  !

Have fun people! Hope you learned something from this scary article! Always smile and remember amount counts on everything!


The pasta misunderstanding!

Who doesn't adore pasta!! With any sause or just cheese!! I'm fed up listening over and over again the same shit by clients! For example: "Oh! I don't eat carbs when I'm on a diet", huge mistake! You must know that carbs are a necessity! You won't have energy and many many other stuff! Another example: "Carbs make us fat", nooooooooooo!! The thing that makes you fat isn't the carbs, is the amount that you consume!!

So, I'm here to tell you a little secret! When I give a diet to a client (doesn't matter the weight he or she wants to loose) I always give them pasta and bread! Shocked?? They always loose weight and they don't get their weight back! At least not easily!

Pasta provides us vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and some minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium etc!! Pasta are low in fat and low in protein that's the reason we put sause on them! And in order to prove it check this out! 100g delivers your system 350 kcal. I'm sure you were expecting for more, which contains less than 1% fat!

To sum up, eat your pasta with a healthy sause or fish or vegetables! You can trick your kids and you will feel the taste of food back in your mouth!! Give your self a break!! A good and healthy portion for an average person is 1 cup! Once a week or once every two weeks will gain no weight to your body!

A happy client have more patience and more strength to go on! You eat and you loose weight! Your nutritionist isn't crazy and unreliable because gives you food! Remember that if a nutritionist gives a lower than 1200kcal per day, doesn't care for the maintenance of your lost weight.

Have fun and stay healthy!! Love you!