Mayo yammy!

Hey guys! Today will talk about Mayonnaise! Who doesn't love mayo!! Gives taste to our burgers, salads and to be honest I can eat with every single type of food!! It's tasty! Let's see if we are ok when we eat it in a regular basis or we are just being foolish!

First of all, I'll tell you for the mayonnaise which we buy from the super market and not for the homemade. Mayonnaise has 4 types! Bet you'd never noticed that! It's the regular, reduced fat, light and fat free. The most common ones are the regular and the light! Let's check out their nutrition facts! Regular mayo: 1ts contains--> 57 kcal, 4,9g fat, 3,5g carbs and 0,13g protein. Light mayo: 1ts contains--> 49kcal, 4,9g fat, 1,23g carbs and 0,13g protein. As you may see their differences aren't that obvious! Little less calories and carbs.

Many manufactorers use olive oil and others vegetable oil! You can check the ingredients label for that. The better choice is the one with olive oil which might reduce your cardiovascular disease risk and or high cholesterol.

But let's face the truth..  Too many fat and carbs. The best thing you can do is to choose a homemade! Ask your mother, grandmother or you can try it for yourself (you never know!). It's common sence that the things we make with our own hands are better than a huge machine! You can choose the eggs and no preservatives! A little secret when you start making it, keep your bowl warm (not hot) and your mayo will become more fluffy!


Let's talk about red hot chili peppers! Not the band!

Oh! I love chili but my stomach hates it! If you have a strong and healthy stomach you belong to the lucky people that can enjoy hot peppers! And it's not just for pleasure but for your health too!

The most important thing you must know for chili peppers is that contain double Vitamine C amount than an orange! Not just that! It's good for your immune system and your blood! The benefits of this vegetable are huge! Fight: headaches, cancer, high blood pressure, burn fat, lose weight, protect your heart! That's a lot of stuff!

And I have a tip for you all! When you feel your mouth in flames don't drink water or soda!! The only way to fight the hot chili is milk!! Yes! That's right! Milk!! And you will feel like a firefighter came into your mouth!! And an important message to the cook! Don't rub your eyes after you have cut the peppers! You are going to hurt!!! Wash your hands and then spread milk or yogurt on!

Enjoy and have fun!! This is a web site in which you can find everything about peppers! And I mean everything!


Laughter make us slimmer!

Hello people!! Missed you! Today I have interesting stuff to share with you! I will provide you an easy, effortless way to loose weight! Yes, that's right! There is a pleasant way! And this way is laughter!!

I know that many of you are stressed or miserable because of the crisis and all kinds of shit but don't worry, laughing doesn't make you look like a jerk! On the contrary, makes you look like an optimistic and generous type of guy who loses 50 calories !

Let's get serious! The things I tell you were a published study by Venderbilt University. Despite the calorie matter, other things got my attention! The health benefits that we gain while we're having fun! Those things are: immune system, natural pain relief, good for the heart and stress reduction!! How about that? Our humour can save our lives!! So laugh and unfollow some calories (for twitter funs!). 10 - 15 minutes per day will do for saying goodbye to 50 calories!

Be safe and healthy!




Top 9 Deadliest Foods! You won't believe it!

Today I had this crazy idea! To scare you!! Boo! Haha! Not like that of course.. but even worse! I'm going to tell you the top 9 Deadliest Food according to HealthMad. It is the list in which I agree 100%!
Let's start counting!
9. Grilled or roasted Foods! Surprised?? What if I told you that eating a steak that came from your own barbeque could cause you gastric cancer or it was equivalent to the toxin of as much as 60 cigarettes?? I'm pretty sure that your first thought would be "You are a crazy bitch!! Get out of my house!!" Well, I'm not that crazy! When Triphenyl Sibing Topiramate (a carcinogenetic substance that we find in a high proportion in this type of food) comes to contact with the gastric mucosa, the possibility of getting gastric cancer is very high!
8. Frozen Dessert Products! I think you know that! Come on!! Obesity and diabetes is the more likely thing that will happen to you in case you put them in your dining table for the proper meal!
7. Junk food! That really heart! Who doesn't love junk food?? In my opinion, we all know and we all eat it! Hypertantion is the one of the things we can win over this!
6. Canned foods! Because of the aluminium many nutritional value is destroyed. In high proportion could cause Altzheimer's.
5. Instant foods! Simple, prolong intake may cause cancer, hypertantion, obesity etc. So no little packages in your kitchen!
4. Soft drinks! I was so miserable when I learned about it at school! Love soft drinks! I can't enjoy my food without it! Half of my joy went away! Sacrifices! This is big! Soft drinks contain phosphate, carbonate and these 2 evil things steal our calcium from our bones!
3. Processed Meat! Kidney problems!
2. Deep-fried foods! Impair memory, nerve and brain cells, depression. We find these chemicals into potato chips as well!
1. Pickled foods! I must say that I wasn't upset when I found about this! I hate pickled food! Cancer and harms your stomach! Microbes during the food process.
And for those that you 'll say "Just because this crazy stupid girl in a random blog says it so, it doesn't mean it's true! Well, people here is my source http://healthmad.com/nutrition/top-10-deadliest-foods/  !

Have fun people! Hope you learned something from this scary article! Always smile and remember amount counts on everything!


The pasta misunderstanding!

Who doesn't adore pasta!! With any sause or just cheese!! I'm fed up listening over and over again the same shit by clients! For example: "Oh! I don't eat carbs when I'm on a diet", huge mistake! You must know that carbs are a necessity! You won't have energy and many many other stuff! Another example: "Carbs make us fat", nooooooooooo!! The thing that makes you fat isn't the carbs, is the amount that you consume!!

So, I'm here to tell you a little secret! When I give a diet to a client (doesn't matter the weight he or she wants to loose) I always give them pasta and bread! Shocked?? They always loose weight and they don't get their weight back! At least not easily!

Pasta provides us vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and some minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium etc!! Pasta are low in fat and low in protein that's the reason we put sause on them! And in order to prove it check this out! 100g delivers your system 350 kcal. I'm sure you were expecting for more, which contains less than 1% fat!

To sum up, eat your pasta with a healthy sause or fish or vegetables! You can trick your kids and you will feel the taste of food back in your mouth!! Give your self a break!! A good and healthy portion for an average person is 1 cup! Once a week or once every two weeks will gain no weight to your body!

A happy client have more patience and more strength to go on! You eat and you loose weight! Your nutritionist isn't crazy and unreliable because gives you food! Remember that if a nutritionist gives a lower than 1200kcal per day, doesn't care for the maintenance of your lost weight.

Have fun and stay healthy!! Love you!


Healthier and tastier chicken ever!

Hello guys!!! Missed you, I was kind of busy! But, I will make up to you by giving you my secret recipe!! It will make you feel the taste all over your mouth and guilty free!! Zero preperation, twenty minutes from your time to make it!!

So pay attention!! You buy a beautiful chicken breast, three peppers, one onion, one tomato (all the incredients chopped into little pieces, including the chicken). The only thing you are gonna need is a nonstick skillet! You just put your chicken bites into the pan till turned white and then you add the rest incredients! If needed add half cup of water. Then you just cover your pan with a cap and let it boil for just 5 to 10 minutes. Ready!!

You will really enjoy it!! Almost 0% fat (from the bad ones) and the perfect way to confuse your kids in order to eat their vegetables!!

Enjoy and have fun!!!


Quick solutions!

Helloooooooooooooooo guys!!! Hope you had fun the past few days! Easter is far gone and I get back to work! 

Today, I will give you some quick tips! You returned home after work, tired and the only thing you want to do is eat something and fall asleep! Understood! You are right!! But don't buy fast food or pizza! Just use your imagination!!

Make a smoothie! A blender, some fruits, yogurt, ice. Shake them up and you are ready! Will give you energy and will cool you during summer! Another thing you can do is the classic sandwich! 2 slices of bread, cheese, tomato, salami, egg and mustard! Healthy and easy!

If you are too tired and your fridge is half empty, you may enjoy a "poor" salad. Tuna can, lettuce, mustard sauce (1 ts olive oil, 1 ts vinegar, 1 ts mustard) Mix them all together and enjoy!! 

230 kcal per sandwich and 160 kcal per smoothie! But be carefull! Low fat yogurt, grainy bread, low fat cheese! 

Eat healthy in order to stay healthy!! 


Easter is here! Let's talk about eggs!

Easter is here and I thought about eggs! Not chocolate eggs! Just the benefits of an egg! A single egg can help you in so many ways!! It's cheap, it's healthy and it has only 70 calories! Pay attention people!

Protein! An egg contains a highly quality of protein which means that gives energy and helps you feel full longer! Also, helps you build muscle strength!

Choline! Helps the brain function, prevents birth defects!

Lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants)! Helps your eyes stay healthy and also prevents the macular degeneration, a cause of age-related blindness!

In simple words! Remember this! Brain function, eye health, healthy pregnacy, muscle strength, weight management!

But you must be careful! Not more than 1 egg per day and if you are having cholesterol issues consult your doctor for the amount!

Happy Easter!! Have fun and be safe!



Menu board calories! Conspiracy?

This is a very weird stuff! The law enforced restaurants but junk food diners in their majority to have the calories of each dish on the menu. Nutritionists thought that this would help us! But it didn't!

It's pretty weird but it's true! In my oponion, the businesses gained from all this! You can't sue them because you gained weight (remember scandal that came with a movie). They saved money but we still eat these shit! Why?

Many theories have been developed by scientists but a few things have been actually proved. The only thing that is true is the huge amount of salt! Just like potato chips! More salt, more taste, more we want to eat! The thing we can do is read the ingredients and see the salt percentage.

Other theories seemed like conspiracy! People love conspiracy theories but don't love their bodies and their health! Don't try to translate the labels and see the calories! Junk is junk! We eat it because of its taste but we have to learn a way of controlling it! Eat junk food once per month or even better once per six months!

You can cook your own potato chips, your own burger and your own fast food! The taste will be better! I promise! Just try it one time! Just a few minutes for the preparation! Watch a movie with your own homemade pop corn! Especially if kids are involved!

Have fun and stay healthy!!


Summer time! Ice cream!

Hey world! Who doesn't love ice cream?? Whooooo??? I must say that the one who might say no.. is just a liar! Terrible liar! So, I will tell you the best choices in order not to lie to yourself! And eat it with no guilt! 

First! Not all ice creams have the same incredients. Many include added sugar, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorins and NONE of which contains nutrients (except from home made of course!). 

The nutritional value of each ice cream depends of the amount of cream or milk that contains!

A cup of ice cream (small one) contains 200 calories. Reduced fat ice cream contains 120 calories more or less. As far as nutrition is concerned numbers are disappointing.. a cup of ice cream contains 32g of carbs, 16g of fat which half of it is saturated and 5g protein. 

But don't get upset! Typically.. and when I say typically.. I mean typically.. an ice cream may contain vitamin A, B2, B12. But, I don't count on it!

Best choice! Ice cream with no cookies and syrup are the ones with lower calories. Go out there! Eat an ice cream with chocolate and enjoy it! You will need only half hour walking to burn it! It worths it!! Have fun!!


Coffee!! Yeah!!

Well, sorry for not posting anything these couple of days but I was really busy! But today I went to the beach and I enjoyed a cold coffee! So, I desided to write about coffee, pros and cons of course!

Because of April Fool's day, I have to declare that everything I am about to write is the truth and nothing but the truth!!
I 'll make it quick, I don't want to tire you! Sooooooooooo!

Pros------> antioxidants (I have already told you about these!!), parkinson's disease? No, thanks!, diabetes type 2? No, thanks (drinking coffee without sugar of course!), liver cirrhosis? No, thanks!, gallstones? Nooo!, kidney stones? Noooo!, increase information processing!, Alzheimers? Nooooo!, Asthma? Noooooo!

Cons-----> Dependence! (We all know that, but we like it), dehydration (we have to pee a lot!), lack of sleep, osteoporosis (coffee loves calcium :(, but you may drink a cup of milk two hours before or after your cup of coffee), blood pressure,  cholesterol.

I must add that the pros and cons are under certain circumstances. More than 4 cups per day for the cons and less than 3 cups per day for pros :) Remember our first principle! Amount counts!

Enjoy the rest of your day and have fun!!



Five per day!! Curious?

There are some basics rules in order to keep your health and body balanced. You might know them all, you might know nothing. But I 'll share the tips with you anyway! So, pay attention!

We have to eat 5 times per day! Yes! Five times! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. But you have to eat them in three hours apart from each other. And by saying breakfast, I don't mean a cup of coffee but a meal! Cereals or pretchel with milk or french toast. For snack you may eat a fruit with 3-4 nuts or a cereal bar.

The last snack of your day must be eaten at least 2 hours before you go to bed. And it can be a cup of milk or a yogurt. In that way, you keep your stomach busy and burns calories for you! This procedure is called thermogenesis and is pretty cool!! Our stomach must always have something to do! But remember, amount counts! Keep your stomach busy not extra full!

To sum up, take your lunch box to work!! How cute is that!!

Enjoy your day!!



Hello people! Orange is my favorite color and fruit! But let's focus on the orange as a fruit! Fashion comes second! You have to keep your body in shape in order to wear the clothes you like!

Eating or drinking orange is good for your health! The most famous thing about orange is that is a great source of vitamin C! But you must learn that orange has many many nutrients that will keep your body in a good shape and most importantly will keep your body healthy! With only 60 calories per orange you take: potassium, fiber, antioxidants, calcium!!

 In other words keeps your bones, skin and blood vessels healthy and in addition helps your immune system stay strong and fight for you! So, go to your grocery shop and buy lots of them! Add them to your daily diet and in your cooking! It's perfect with baked potatoes and chicken!

Enjoy and have fun!! How cute that orange kitty is!!



Let's talk about Popeye and his secret strength source! Spinach!

Spinach is the perfect multivitamin! Start counting! Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B6! And I can go on!! Low cholesterol, low in saturated fat!

It also contains: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium!

In simple words! Good for----> Skin, vision, red blood cell production, protects from:  lung,colon, prostate and oral cavity cancers, bone building, good for Alzheimer and damage in the brain, antioxidant, controls heart rate and blood pressure, sperm generation, cardiovascular diseases, controls cholesterol etc..

I can go on!! Popeye was a smart sailor! He was motivated and he had to cope with his duties! That's why he selected this particular vegetable!! Follow his example!

Isn't it good looking, or what?? Haha!

Enjoy the rest of your day!! And remember!! Always have fun! 


Yogurt! Think again!

I know, I know.. most of you hate yogurt.. But, you can make really tasty smoothies with it! You just mix 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt with any fruit you like and Da Da!! A tasty snack!
But not just tasty but healthy as well!! In my opinion, the best thing about yogurt is that is much easier to digest it than milk! So, you feel your stomach full but not heavy!
Yogurt is a rich source of calcium, just like drinking a milk can!
Drops your cholesterol as well!!
And last but not least keeps your colon healthy!! Think again, people!! Lowers your colon cancer risk!

Check out this picture! Here are yogurts' nutrition facts:



Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

Oh! Who doesn't love chocolate!!! It's passion and love! The best gift, the best consolation! With friends or alone! The best friend and worst enemy! But here I have some ideas to enjoy your passion guilty free!
There is always dark chocolate which has better quality than milk chocolate and much less fat. But I have some recepies with milk chocolate!
You can make a toast! But instead of cheese and ham you put 2 chocolate tiles and you bake it in your toaster! It's the best chocolate croissant! If you want to drink it! You boil a cup of water and you melt 2 chocolate tiles in it! It's yammi!!
Another way is to cook the famous American pan cakes and add 2 chocolate tiles ! It will melt and it will make you feel full! Just 1 pan cake! And just 2 chocolate tiles! 
Enjoy my friends!! Once a week is guilty free! Twice or more ... you are responsible!
Have fun!!


Homemade medicines!

Hey there! Sorry for not posting the last couple of days but I was sick.. :( So, that's why I 'm gonna give you some tips of how to make your life easier when you are sick or tired.
It's not anything difficult.. just a chicken soup!! Really! Chicken soup is the best medicine for almost anything!! Especially when you have a cold! Another secret tip is a cup of tea with sugar (a teaspoon is enough), will make your stomach brand new! An apple will make your diarrhea go away! And when you feel tired honey with  walnuts will give you the energy you need with an orange juice!
Have fun and don't let a slight discomfort keep you at home! Be safe and stay healthy! Wash your hands regularly and if you are really sick stay at home and let time do the rest!


Dinner time!

Hey there! Wherever you are! Nutrition is everywhere! Local cuisine is our inheritage! We honor our cuisine but who doesn't like a taste of chinese or italian cuisine! So if you are out to dinner you can still eat healthy! For example, when you are in chinese restaurant you may order rice with vegetables steamed and pork! You 'll really enjoy it! Now if you stay in European style like italian, you may order pasta with vegetables like broccoli served with salad!
No worries! You can do it! I've told you before, everything is in our mind! Don't push yourself hard though, it won't work! If you need once in a while some french fries, do yourself a little favor! Eat them, it won't do you any harm! But only once in a while.. and I don't mean every week! But once a month is forgivable!
Go out there and have fun!! Enjoy!


Funny video!

The following you tube video is an add from Thailand. It's so real! Even if your stomach...


Tears worth it!

As everybody knows onion is one of the reasons that we cry at home!
But not for nothing!

 Eating onions is a very good way to fight cancer, especially stomach cancer, thanks to antioxidant flavonoid quercetin!

In addition, onion helps your body to eliminate the free radicals in the body, protects and regenerates vitamine E and can raise your "good" cholesterol (HDL). Also bring reduction in the total blood pressure, helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.

You can cook it if you want your breath not to smell like onion! You may also use it in every recipe you wish!!
It contains just 40 cal per 100g !

So enjoy your onion rings! But not fried! Help your body stay cancer free and healthy!


Did you know...

It's not that difficult to eat healthy and stay fit! Here are some easy ways to get started!

Cooking dinner as a family is the perfect way to learn about nutrition and to bond with each other! Dried fruits and nuts are a great snack! Taking the stairs, jumping rope, walking and jogging is a great way to exercise, burn calories and exercise your heart! All the vitamins and fiber in fruit are in the peel!

So don't puss your selves! Relax and go for a walk with your friends or with your dog! Use your kitchen, don't just left it there getting dusty! Eat fruit even as a dessert! Forget that your building has an elevator! Feel your heart beat! It's great to know you have one! Be safe!

Special thanks to :



Nutrition quotes!

"Cucumber should be well sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out" 
- Samuel Johnson

"He was a bold man that first ate an oyster" 
- Jonathan Swift

"The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later, you’re hungry again" 
- George Miller

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet" 
- Fran Leibowitz

"Never eat more than you can lift" 
- Miss Piggy

"Never trust a skinny cook" 
- Iain Hewitson (Australian Celebrity Cook)

"I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is two weeks."
- Totie Fields

"Self delusion is pulling in your stomach when you step on the scales."
- Paul Sweeney

"Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we diet." 
- Wendy Morgan

I want to thanks :


Bugs Bunny's nutrition secrets!

We 've all seen and loved Bugs bunny's adventures! It's our favorite rabbit! And don't be scared.. I won't tell you how to cook Bugs.. I'm gonna tell you about his favorite delicacy! Let's talk about carrots! First of all, we all love their color, so cute!
But their nutrition facts are those who are going to save our life!
Carrots are rich in vitamins, carotenes, poly-acetylene anti-oxidant falcarinol (which fights cancer). But lets focus on the vitamin thing for a moment and make a list! So we have: Vitamin C which helps your teeth, tissue and gum. Many B comlex group and vitamin B-6. I don't want you to get bored.. so the fact is that carrot is a pretty good vegetable to have in your daily diet and provides only 41 calories per 100g (cholesterol free!)
 Except from the vitamins, carrot also contains minerals like calsium, potassium, phosphorus that helps controlling your heart rate and blood pressure.
To sum up, I think that Bug Bunny is a really really smart rabbit! He eats carrots, he exercises daily, he is happy and he is planning on staying with us for ever! Let's follow his example! Have a great day people!!


Sports Nutrition Pyramid.

The Nutrition Pyramid is the most popular image for the nutritionists! We even use it as a wallpaper to our computer! Although many scientists wanted to be even more specific in situations like athletes. If you like sports this pyramid will be really useful for you!

So have fun with the colours and take a look if you like! Haha! Don't forget the water! It's the basic principal for a healthy organism! Take care and have fun with sports, gives you energy!



Hello again! I want to thank you for reading my blog! Hello to United States of America, Greece, Russia,  Brazil, Italy, France, Philippines, England, Indonesia, Canada!
I 'll tell you again.. ask me anything. Ask me about food in any local cuisine, I will try to be precise! Thanks again for your support! 
If you want leave a comment below and suggest the topic that you would like me to post next! 
Take care and remember.. have fun with food but in the right amount and quality! Today I ate chicken soup because yesterday I had eaten pizza! Balance is the key! Little secrets!! 
Take care!! 


Funny friends/clients and their questions!

When people meet us as professionals or as friends, they ask us questions. First thing is what we eat! Pretty funny actually because we eat anything but healthy food! I 've told you before that we aren't normal people! Haha! So we LIE to you! We tell you that we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables! I bet that the most of us eat poor quality of food! But we are gonna pay the price in about.. let's say twenty years. Don't make the same mistake! Educate your kids! As a grown up you have already developed an eating attitude and it's more difficult for you to change it for health reasons. So if you 've been trained by your folks it would have been easier for you to adjust your eating behavior!
Another question is about our weight! Why people want to know our weight! I will never understand that! Yes, we are thin (in majority) so what? Your goal is to stay healthy, strong and the last thing to worry about is the way you look! Of course the way you look is very important nowadays but staying healthy with a good quality of life must be your priority!
So next time you meet a nutritionist ask him many many things! We love answering your questions! But not personal ones! An advice for your snak or for fast ways to make your dinner are always welcomed!
Be safe! And remember you can ask me anything you want (even for my weight!Haha!)! Just leave a comment below!



We need vitamins for our body and mind to work! We need vitamins so that our hair and nails be healthy and strong! We need vitamins so that our lives get better! So this is a link where you can find the dosage, function and natural sources without taking any supplements (unless you have a health issue).



Nutritionists aren't perfect.

Most of us are really weird human beings! Many times we suffer from eating disorders. It's funny that the person that you hire to save you from an eating disorder to be a patient to the same disease! But its really really common. We are people that in our lives have to eat healthy. We have to be thin so that you can trust us and we have to look healthy so that you can be convinced that we 'll give you the right variety of food.
So the responsibility is stressful. We fall into the trap of our own prohibitions! We eat nothing or we eat a lot! Either way the result is the same.. everybody, we must love ourselves and our body. No matter how much we weigh, how beautiful we really are. Love your self and then you will receive all the love from the people around you. Trust me on that! Don't miss the point here! We have to stay healthy for us and the people we love. Not to have other's approval. Enjoy your day!


Soft drinks.

There are too many of these!!! Many of them have too many calories and lots of them almost nothing! But you must stay alert! Soft drinks in high level of consumption may cause dehydration and high blood sugar. You can consume one to two cups of tea or coffee or diet soda. 
If you are out for a drink you can drink a glass of white wine. Any drink with low alcohol has lower calories. Another easy thing to do is in case you drink whisky with coke you can add its diet version. You will pull through at least 200 calories!! Can you imagine? 
Little secrets people! Pay attention! And have fun! Life is too sort to worry about calories! Let me do it for you! 


Kids and parents!

Hello people! Last night I was watching Hawai 5-0 season 1 and I was having a great time. The episode was great and gave me the todays idea! The leading actor changed his diet cause his daughter was worried about his health.
So I am gonna give you some tips and clever ways to make the people you love secretly change their diet! Its difficult for a parent to make his kids eat their vegetables! What a nightmare! There is a simple way! To be sure that your children don't really like a certain vegetable you must serve it twenty times and with a different appearance. A nice way to trick them is to hide them. You may hide some cauliflower inside their pasta or serve a pizza with a small amount of broccoli. 
Now if your are the child and you want your parents eat healthier, there is a way that is old fashioned, scream at them! Just kidding! You just check their refrigerator and through away the "bad stuff". Give them a lecture about how important this is for you and the consequences that may bring. If they can't live on their own cause of health issues etc.. 
So get your spoons and your knowledge to the healthy way of living and you will be just fine! 


Hangoner solutions!

You had a blast yesterday? Good for your mood but not for your body.. You have the head of an elephant and you feel your tongue like a cactus? Your breath is like you have something dead inside your stomach? Don't worry! You had a great time yesterday but you can't remember a thing!
The first thing you do is drink coffee! That is your first mistake!! Your body is dehydrated! You must drink a lot of water and eat something solid! Then time will do it's work!
Stay in bed, sleep well but not all day long and relax! It will pass and you will promise yourself you won't do it again! We all know you are a big liar! Till next Saturday at least!! Enjoy your drinks responsibly!

Who needs energy!

How are you today?? I am great full of energy! Oh! Energy is the most important thing nowadays! Lots of work, no time for the real stuff! After work you just want to fall asleep? Noooooooooooo! You may drink an energy drink or vitamins, C and A are the best! You may drink milk with honey or nuts with honey and cinnamon. You will keep your energy level pretty high and with no coffee! Sugar and candies aren't the solution to everything.. especially in depression.. Magnesium is a great solution! You can buy them from the pharmacy.
It will keep you in a pretty good mood! Enjoy your day!


Saturday night!

Oh! Saturday night! The best way to spend your Saturday night is a few friends and some wine! Remember instead of nuts, you may also serve fruits and home made potato chips baked in your own oven! It will be different and healthy! If you are a junk food fan you may cook some pasta with milk instead of cream and make your own burgers! A barbeque night will be great! You don't have to make preparations just a man and a grill! Have fun! 

Funny stuff about nutritionists!

It's pretty funny when people find out that you are a nutritionist! Suddenly, everything in their life is about food and health! How is this possible? It's pretty weird! You are out in a party and out of the sudden all of your friends want to find out the calories of their drink, the calories of their dessert! We can't remember everything!!! We are just people not a calculator! Please give us a break!
And when we tell you the calories.. suddenly out of the blue you know better! Oh! No it's not that much! Yes it is! Thats the reason you ask me in the first place! 
I was in a party once where an obese woman was asking me all night long about nutrition. I bet she didn't have fun that night! She couldn't eat in front of me cause she was feeling guilty! 
I just want to say that loosing weight is an important call. You must have the right frame of mind. If you have to.. you will never make it! You have to be sure for this dicision.. and if you didn't make it the first time it's not the end of the world! You have plenty of efforts! Keep head clear! And don't panic!



The first thing that you must do in order to maintain your current weight is pretty simple! You just drink eight glasses of water daily and walk for twenty minutes in the morning. Not very difficult. And remember calories aren't the key to everything, the quality of your intake calories matters the most! If you eat for example pasta with minced you will take about 600 calories, about the same calories to a large chocolate. But the quality of those calories are complitely different! The carbs can be metabolized more easily than pure fat. So beware, size doesn't always matters!


Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ioanna Syrigou and this is my blog. I 'm a nutritionist and we will discover the nutrition secrets. I will answer to every question and I will give you access to pages that will answer to your questions. So have fun with food and wine! Only a glass per day please!
Coming soon!