Funny friends/clients and their questions!

When people meet us as professionals or as friends, they ask us questions. First thing is what we eat! Pretty funny actually because we eat anything but healthy food! I 've told you before that we aren't normal people! Haha! So we LIE to you! We tell you that we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables! I bet that the most of us eat poor quality of food! But we are gonna pay the price in about.. let's say twenty years. Don't make the same mistake! Educate your kids! As a grown up you have already developed an eating attitude and it's more difficult for you to change it for health reasons. So if you 've been trained by your folks it would have been easier for you to adjust your eating behavior!
Another question is about our weight! Why people want to know our weight! I will never understand that! Yes, we are thin (in majority) so what? Your goal is to stay healthy, strong and the last thing to worry about is the way you look! Of course the way you look is very important nowadays but staying healthy with a good quality of life must be your priority!
So next time you meet a nutritionist ask him many many things! We love answering your questions! But not personal ones! An advice for your snak or for fast ways to make your dinner are always welcomed!
Be safe! And remember you can ask me anything you want (even for my weight!Haha!)! Just leave a comment below!