Bugs Bunny's nutrition secrets!

We 've all seen and loved Bugs bunny's adventures! It's our favorite rabbit! And don't be scared.. I won't tell you how to cook Bugs.. I'm gonna tell you about his favorite delicacy! Let's talk about carrots! First of all, we all love their color, so cute!
But their nutrition facts are those who are going to save our life!
Carrots are rich in vitamins, carotenes, poly-acetylene anti-oxidant falcarinol (which fights cancer). But lets focus on the vitamin thing for a moment and make a list! So we have: Vitamin C which helps your teeth, tissue and gum. Many B comlex group and vitamin B-6. I don't want you to get bored.. so the fact is that carrot is a pretty good vegetable to have in your daily diet and provides only 41 calories per 100g (cholesterol free!)
 Except from the vitamins, carrot also contains minerals like calsium, potassium, phosphorus that helps controlling your heart rate and blood pressure.
To sum up, I think that Bug Bunny is a really really smart rabbit! He eats carrots, he exercises daily, he is happy and he is planning on staying with us for ever! Let's follow his example! Have a great day people!!

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