Homemade medicines!

Hey there! Sorry for not posting the last couple of days but I was sick.. :( So, that's why I 'm gonna give you some tips of how to make your life easier when you are sick or tired.
It's not anything difficult.. just a chicken soup!! Really! Chicken soup is the best medicine for almost anything!! Especially when you have a cold! Another secret tip is a cup of tea with sugar (a teaspoon is enough), will make your stomach brand new! An apple will make your diarrhea go away! And when you feel tired honey with  walnuts will give you the energy you need with an orange juice!
Have fun and don't let a slight discomfort keep you at home! Be safe and stay healthy! Wash your hands regularly and if you are really sick stay at home and let time do the rest!


  1. hi joanna!!i also know tha if you have a stomachache you can drink a cup of mint tea and you will be better!! :))

  2. Yes! Tea or mint tea with sugar is the best thing for your stomach! And for some days avoiding fried food and sauces!