Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!

Oh! Who doesn't love chocolate!!! It's passion and love! The best gift, the best consolation! With friends or alone! The best friend and worst enemy! But here I have some ideas to enjoy your passion guilty free!
There is always dark chocolate which has better quality than milk chocolate and much less fat. But I have some recepies with milk chocolate!
You can make a toast! But instead of cheese and ham you put 2 chocolate tiles and you bake it in your toaster! It's the best chocolate croissant! If you want to drink it! You boil a cup of water and you melt 2 chocolate tiles in it! It's yammi!!
Another way is to cook the famous American pan cakes and add 2 chocolate tiles ! It will melt and it will make you feel full! Just 1 pan cake! And just 2 chocolate tiles! 
Enjoy my friends!! Once a week is guilty free! Twice or more ... you are responsible!
Have fun!!

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