Dinner time!

Hey there! Wherever you are! Nutrition is everywhere! Local cuisine is our inheritage! We honor our cuisine but who doesn't like a taste of chinese or italian cuisine! So if you are out to dinner you can still eat healthy! For example, when you are in chinese restaurant you may order rice with vegetables steamed and pork! You 'll really enjoy it! Now if you stay in European style like italian, you may order pasta with vegetables like broccoli served with salad!
No worries! You can do it! I've told you before, everything is in our mind! Don't push yourself hard though, it won't work! If you need once in a while some french fries, do yourself a little favor! Eat them, it won't do you any harm! But only once in a while.. and I don't mean every week! But once a month is forgivable!
Go out there and have fun!! Enjoy!

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