Nutritionists aren't perfect.

Most of us are really weird human beings! Many times we suffer from eating disorders. It's funny that the person that you hire to save you from an eating disorder to be a patient to the same disease! But its really really common. We are people that in our lives have to eat healthy. We have to be thin so that you can trust us and we have to look healthy so that you can be convinced that we 'll give you the right variety of food.
So the responsibility is stressful. We fall into the trap of our own prohibitions! We eat nothing or we eat a lot! Either way the result is the same.. everybody, we must love ourselves and our body. No matter how much we weigh, how beautiful we really are. Love your self and then you will receive all the love from the people around you. Trust me on that! Don't miss the point here! We have to stay healthy for us and the people we love. Not to have other's approval. Enjoy your day!

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