Hello people! Orange is my favorite color and fruit! But let's focus on the orange as a fruit! Fashion comes second! You have to keep your body in shape in order to wear the clothes you like!

Eating or drinking orange is good for your health! The most famous thing about orange is that is a great source of vitamin C! But you must learn that orange has many many nutrients that will keep your body in a good shape and most importantly will keep your body healthy! With only 60 calories per orange you take: potassium, fiber, antioxidants, calcium!!

 In other words keeps your bones, skin and blood vessels healthy and in addition helps your immune system stay strong and fight for you! So, go to your grocery shop and buy lots of them! Add them to your daily diet and in your cooking! It's perfect with baked potatoes and chicken!

Enjoy and have fun!! How cute that orange kitty is!!

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