Healthier and tastier chicken ever!

Hello guys!!! Missed you, I was kind of busy! But, I will make up to you by giving you my secret recipe!! It will make you feel the taste all over your mouth and guilty free!! Zero preperation, twenty minutes from your time to make it!!

So pay attention!! You buy a beautiful chicken breast, three peppers, one onion, one tomato (all the incredients chopped into little pieces, including the chicken). The only thing you are gonna need is a nonstick skillet! You just put your chicken bites into the pan till turned white and then you add the rest incredients! If needed add half cup of water. Then you just cover your pan with a cap and let it boil for just 5 to 10 minutes. Ready!!

You will really enjoy it!! Almost 0% fat (from the bad ones) and the perfect way to confuse your kids in order to eat their vegetables!!

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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