Easter is here! Let's talk about eggs!

Easter is here and I thought about eggs! Not chocolate eggs! Just the benefits of an egg! A single egg can help you in so many ways!! It's cheap, it's healthy and it has only 70 calories! Pay attention people!

Protein! An egg contains a highly quality of protein which means that gives energy and helps you feel full longer! Also, helps you build muscle strength!

Choline! Helps the brain function, prevents birth defects!

Lutein and zeaxanthin (antioxidants)! Helps your eyes stay healthy and also prevents the macular degeneration, a cause of age-related blindness!

In simple words! Remember this! Brain function, eye health, healthy pregnacy, muscle strength, weight management!

But you must be careful! Not more than 1 egg per day and if you are having cholesterol issues consult your doctor for the amount!

Happy Easter!! Have fun and be safe!


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