Top 9 Deadliest Foods! You won't believe it!

Today I had this crazy idea! To scare you!! Boo! Haha! Not like that of course.. but even worse! I'm going to tell you the top 9 Deadliest Food according to HealthMad. It is the list in which I agree 100%!
Let's start counting!
9. Grilled or roasted Foods! Surprised?? What if I told you that eating a steak that came from your own barbeque could cause you gastric cancer or it was equivalent to the toxin of as much as 60 cigarettes?? I'm pretty sure that your first thought would be "You are a crazy bitch!! Get out of my house!!" Well, I'm not that crazy! When Triphenyl Sibing Topiramate (a carcinogenetic substance that we find in a high proportion in this type of food) comes to contact with the gastric mucosa, the possibility of getting gastric cancer is very high!
8. Frozen Dessert Products! I think you know that! Come on!! Obesity and diabetes is the more likely thing that will happen to you in case you put them in your dining table for the proper meal!
7. Junk food! That really heart! Who doesn't love junk food?? In my opinion, we all know and we all eat it! Hypertantion is the one of the things we can win over this!
6. Canned foods! Because of the aluminium many nutritional value is destroyed. In high proportion could cause Altzheimer's.
5. Instant foods! Simple, prolong intake may cause cancer, hypertantion, obesity etc. So no little packages in your kitchen!
4. Soft drinks! I was so miserable when I learned about it at school! Love soft drinks! I can't enjoy my food without it! Half of my joy went away! Sacrifices! This is big! Soft drinks contain phosphate, carbonate and these 2 evil things steal our calcium from our bones!
3. Processed Meat! Kidney problems!
2. Deep-fried foods! Impair memory, nerve and brain cells, depression. We find these chemicals into potato chips as well!
1. Pickled foods! I must say that I wasn't upset when I found about this! I hate pickled food! Cancer and harms your stomach! Microbes during the food process.
And for those that you 'll say "Just because this crazy stupid girl in a random blog says it so, it doesn't mean it's true! Well, people here is my source http://healthmad.com/nutrition/top-10-deadliest-foods/  !

Have fun people! Hope you learned something from this scary article! Always smile and remember amount counts on everything!

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