Menu board calories! Conspiracy?

This is a very weird stuff! The law enforced restaurants but junk food diners in their majority to have the calories of each dish on the menu. Nutritionists thought that this would help us! But it didn't!

It's pretty weird but it's true! In my oponion, the businesses gained from all this! You can't sue them because you gained weight (remember scandal that came with a movie). They saved money but we still eat these shit! Why?

Many theories have been developed by scientists but a few things have been actually proved. The only thing that is true is the huge amount of salt! Just like potato chips! More salt, more taste, more we want to eat! The thing we can do is read the ingredients and see the salt percentage.

Other theories seemed like conspiracy! People love conspiracy theories but don't love their bodies and their health! Don't try to translate the labels and see the calories! Junk is junk! We eat it because of its taste but we have to learn a way of controlling it! Eat junk food once per month or even better once per six months!

You can cook your own potato chips, your own burger and your own fast food! The taste will be better! I promise! Just try it one time! Just a few minutes for the preparation! Watch a movie with your own homemade pop corn! Especially if kids are involved!

Have fun and stay healthy!!

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