Summer time! Ice cream!

Hey world! Who doesn't love ice cream?? Whooooo??? I must say that the one who might say no.. is just a liar! Terrible liar! So, I will tell you the best choices in order not to lie to yourself! And eat it with no guilt! 

First! Not all ice creams have the same incredients. Many include added sugar, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavorins and NONE of which contains nutrients (except from home made of course!). 

The nutritional value of each ice cream depends of the amount of cream or milk that contains!

A cup of ice cream (small one) contains 200 calories. Reduced fat ice cream contains 120 calories more or less. As far as nutrition is concerned numbers are disappointing.. a cup of ice cream contains 32g of carbs, 16g of fat which half of it is saturated and 5g protein. 

But don't get upset! Typically.. and when I say typically.. I mean typically.. an ice cream may contain vitamin A, B2, B12. But, I don't count on it!

Best choice! Ice cream with no cookies and syrup are the ones with lower calories. Go out there! Eat an ice cream with chocolate and enjoy it! You will need only half hour walking to burn it! It worths it!! Have fun!!

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