Kids and parents!

Hello people! Last night I was watching Hawai 5-0 season 1 and I was having a great time. The episode was great and gave me the todays idea! The leading actor changed his diet cause his daughter was worried about his health.
So I am gonna give you some tips and clever ways to make the people you love secretly change their diet! Its difficult for a parent to make his kids eat their vegetables! What a nightmare! There is a simple way! To be sure that your children don't really like a certain vegetable you must serve it twenty times and with a different appearance. A nice way to trick them is to hide them. You may hide some cauliflower inside their pasta or serve a pizza with a small amount of broccoli. 
Now if your are the child and you want your parents eat healthier, there is a way that is old fashioned, scream at them! Just kidding! You just check their refrigerator and through away the "bad stuff". Give them a lecture about how important this is for you and the consequences that may bring. If they can't live on their own cause of health issues etc.. 
So get your spoons and your knowledge to the healthy way of living and you will be just fine! 

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