Funny stuff about nutritionists!

It's pretty funny when people find out that you are a nutritionist! Suddenly, everything in their life is about food and health! How is this possible? It's pretty weird! You are out in a party and out of the sudden all of your friends want to find out the calories of their drink, the calories of their dessert! We can't remember everything!!! We are just people not a calculator! Please give us a break!
And when we tell you the calories.. suddenly out of the blue you know better! Oh! No it's not that much! Yes it is! Thats the reason you ask me in the first place! 
I was in a party once where an obese woman was asking me all night long about nutrition. I bet she didn't have fun that night! She couldn't eat in front of me cause she was feeling guilty! 
I just want to say that loosing weight is an important call. You must have the right frame of mind. If you have to.. you will never make it! You have to be sure for this dicision.. and if you didn't make it the first time it's not the end of the world! You have plenty of efforts! Keep head clear! And don't panic!