Let's talk about red hot chili peppers! Not the band!

Oh! I love chili but my stomach hates it! If you have a strong and healthy stomach you belong to the lucky people that can enjoy hot peppers! And it's not just for pleasure but for your health too!

The most important thing you must know for chili peppers is that contain double Vitamine C amount than an orange! Not just that! It's good for your immune system and your blood! The benefits of this vegetable are huge! Fight: headaches, cancer, high blood pressure, burn fat, lose weight, protect your heart! That's a lot of stuff!

And I have a tip for you all! When you feel your mouth in flames don't drink water or soda!! The only way to fight the hot chili is milk!! Yes! That's right! Milk!! And you will feel like a firefighter came into your mouth!! And an important message to the cook! Don't rub your eyes after you have cut the peppers! You are going to hurt!!! Wash your hands and then spread milk or yogurt on!

Enjoy and have fun!! This is a web site in which you can find everything about peppers! And I mean everything!

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