Soft drinks.

There are too many of these!!! Many of them have too many calories and lots of them almost nothing! But you must stay alert! Soft drinks in high level of consumption may cause dehydration and high blood sugar. You can consume one to two cups of tea or coffee or diet soda. 
If you are out for a drink you can drink a glass of white wine. Any drink with low alcohol has lower calories. Another easy thing to do is in case you drink whisky with coke you can add its diet version. You will pull through at least 200 calories!! Can you imagine? 
Little secrets people! Pay attention! And have fun! Life is too sort to worry about calories! Let me do it for you! 


Kids and parents!

Hello people! Last night I was watching Hawai 5-0 season 1 and I was having a great time. The episode was great and gave me the todays idea! The leading actor changed his diet cause his daughter was worried about his health.
So I am gonna give you some tips and clever ways to make the people you love secretly change their diet! Its difficult for a parent to make his kids eat their vegetables! What a nightmare! There is a simple way! To be sure that your children don't really like a certain vegetable you must serve it twenty times and with a different appearance. A nice way to trick them is to hide them. You may hide some cauliflower inside their pasta or serve a pizza with a small amount of broccoli. 
Now if your are the child and you want your parents eat healthier, there is a way that is old fashioned, scream at them! Just kidding! You just check their refrigerator and through away the "bad stuff". Give them a lecture about how important this is for you and the consequences that may bring. If they can't live on their own cause of health issues etc.. 
So get your spoons and your knowledge to the healthy way of living and you will be just fine! 


Hangoner solutions!

You had a blast yesterday? Good for your mood but not for your body.. You have the head of an elephant and you feel your tongue like a cactus? Your breath is like you have something dead inside your stomach? Don't worry! You had a great time yesterday but you can't remember a thing!
The first thing you do is drink coffee! That is your first mistake!! Your body is dehydrated! You must drink a lot of water and eat something solid! Then time will do it's work!
Stay in bed, sleep well but not all day long and relax! It will pass and you will promise yourself you won't do it again! We all know you are a big liar! Till next Saturday at least!! Enjoy your drinks responsibly!

Who needs energy!

How are you today?? I am great full of energy! Oh! Energy is the most important thing nowadays! Lots of work, no time for the real stuff! After work you just want to fall asleep? Noooooooooooo! You may drink an energy drink or vitamins, C and A are the best! You may drink milk with honey or nuts with honey and cinnamon. You will keep your energy level pretty high and with no coffee! Sugar and candies aren't the solution to everything.. especially in depression.. Magnesium is a great solution! You can buy them from the pharmacy.
It will keep you in a pretty good mood! Enjoy your day!


Saturday night!

Oh! Saturday night! The best way to spend your Saturday night is a few friends and some wine! Remember instead of nuts, you may also serve fruits and home made potato chips baked in your own oven! It will be different and healthy! If you are a junk food fan you may cook some pasta with milk instead of cream and make your own burgers! A barbeque night will be great! You don't have to make preparations just a man and a grill! Have fun! 

Funny stuff about nutritionists!

It's pretty funny when people find out that you are a nutritionist! Suddenly, everything in their life is about food and health! How is this possible? It's pretty weird! You are out in a party and out of the sudden all of your friends want to find out the calories of their drink, the calories of their dessert! We can't remember everything!!! We are just people not a calculator! Please give us a break!
And when we tell you the calories.. suddenly out of the blue you know better! Oh! No it's not that much! Yes it is! Thats the reason you ask me in the first place! 
I was in a party once where an obese woman was asking me all night long about nutrition. I bet she didn't have fun that night! She couldn't eat in front of me cause she was feeling guilty! 
I just want to say that loosing weight is an important call. You must have the right frame of mind. If you have to.. you will never make it! You have to be sure for this dicision.. and if you didn't make it the first time it's not the end of the world! You have plenty of efforts! Keep head clear! And don't panic!



The first thing that you must do in order to maintain your current weight is pretty simple! You just drink eight glasses of water daily and walk for twenty minutes in the morning. Not very difficult. And remember calories aren't the key to everything, the quality of your intake calories matters the most! If you eat for example pasta with minced you will take about 600 calories, about the same calories to a large chocolate. But the quality of those calories are complitely different! The carbs can be metabolized more easily than pure fat. So beware, size doesn't always matters!


Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ioanna Syrigou and this is my blog. I 'm a nutritionist and we will discover the nutrition secrets. I will answer to every question and I will give you access to pages that will answer to your questions. So have fun with food and wine! Only a glass per day please!
Coming soon!